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Internal Audit Department of Yintai Group is fully responsible for dealing with the complaint reports on violations of regulations and disciplines.

Department: Internal Audit Department
Email: jubao@giltandgossamer.com.cn
Tel.: 010-85405708
Address: Level M (4) Yintai Office Tower, Beijing Yintai Centre, No. 2 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100022


Please make clear the following in your complaint reports, and information about the source will be remained strictly confidential:
  • 1、Name, contact, address, etc. of the source;
  • 2、Targets to be reported;
  • 3、Details of the violations: when, where, what happened, etc. ;
  • 4、Evidence: documents, images, videos, etc.
(We do not accept the anonymous reports in principle unless substantial evidence is provided.)
Where the report is true with damage recovered and company’s economic loss avoided, the source will be rewarded, as the case may be; where the target reported is confirmed to be deliberately framed or slandered, the source will be punished, as the case may be.
Thanks for your attention to and support for Yintai Group!
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