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Intime Shopping Center

An innovative experience shopping center integrates consumption and entertainment. As a perfect carrier of Intime Shopping Center, Intime City lives up to its tenet of "Light up the City, Convey Life's Aesthetics". 40 Intime cities, ongoing or underway, have found their place across China and are making difference to the life and consumption of their host cities.
  • Hefei Yintai Centre

    Hefei Cover Landmark
    Officially inaugurated on January 8, 2012, it is the first outlet of Intime Retail (01833.HK) in Anhui Province. Conveniently located at the center of the city CBD's Sipailou, it represents the largest shopping center there with a land area of 100,000㎡. It is home to many of the world's top brands and an international commercial center and a new landmark of fashion life in the province integrating shopping, entertainment and recreation.
  • Hangzhou West Lake Intime City

    A Paradigm of Fashion Life at City Center
    Inaugurated in April 2008, it is situated at the southern end of Hangzhou's Yan'an Road covering nearly 100,000㎡. Bounded by the West Lake to the west and Wushan Mountain to the south against a beautiful landscape, the establishment offers new integrated metropolitan shopping experience in an experience and interaction atmosphere by combining tradition with new trends, and integrating commerce, arts and culture.
  • Hangzhou Zhongda Intime City

    A New Destination for Fashion, Cuisine and Parenting
    Inaugurated in December 2014 and located in Dongxin Road Feature Street, a new commercial core in Hangzhou's Xiacheng District, it represents a key urban complex project supported by the municipal administration. With 88,000㎡ available business area that caters the new trend of parenting consumption, the establishment is committed to feasting consumers on fashion and cuisine by offering one-station experience of entertainments and shopping without leaving your home.
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